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Star of David in 3 dimensions


1-Towards the Christened Time Machine


The Armenian Genocide, April 24 1915.
Account of time travel in the conflict of Communism and capitalism.
Silent weapons.
Tesla Earthquake machine.
Armenian artificial Earthquake;
December 26th Earthquakes: Iran 2003 & Indian Ocean 2004
December 26th Faraday Homopolar Generator
December 26th Boxers day


Book of OAHSPE; Cosmon Church. Time Machine.Astroid as Envelope of Ellipses.Compass Compensation Principle.Catacaustic and diacaustic of sinusoid.Trunkated Rhombic Dodecahedron; TRUNKADRON. Tetra Space coordinates. Delta T antenna, Helmholtz coil, 3 axis Helmholtz.John Titor?


Hypercube.KOALA, Montauk and Inter-Dimensional Time Travel.Project Superman, Adventures of Michael Ash.Sierpinski Fractals. Iarga, Time Fractal.Hauy construction. Space-fillers: cube, rhombic dodecahedron. Microcluster Physics. Diamond Crystals

Fractals of Hydrogen crystals,
deltoids, in sphere packing of ether
Technical information given from the IARGA contact team.
their descriptions on the matter of TIME

C harts of speeds of astral and mental planes.
Fractal Universe; the harmonic ratio of 34560.
Hydrogen as fractal of Ring Nebula.
Lemniscate Generation.
Geometric generation of Pi squared.
time-matter, phase-matter and reflection-matter (Iarga)

UFO Iarga; 3 forms of matter.
Cardioid .
Sun,- hypotorroid.
Dart, Kite.
Cross spiral.
Asteroid conical spiral resonation fields.
Parker Spiral.
Mathematical seashell in cosmology.
Dino Kraspedon and antigravity of solar light.
Torus superuniverse and Toric Lanes.
Hypocycloids and parallel universes.

Tesla's plans for Free Energy

Tibetan Documentary About The Reality Of Chariots Of Gods

Degaussing Compass Compensation
Time Machine, Chernobrov, Frolov, Kozyrev, Olga Zharina
Teardrop geometry; David Wilcock, Dan Winter
The Hexakis Octahedron = Microsingularity
Octahedron 3-Compound
Rafal Swiecki Diamond ExplorationThe Isometric Crystal System

John Titor (Time Travel Tale)
Dino Kraspedon (Cathode Ray, Overcoming Gravity)
G.D.Mutch (Vacuum Thrust Aircraft) Peter Moon (Montauk Project)


3 Dimensions of hyper cube to the power of two;
3-Dimensional Greek cross Spiral
Charles Noonan Vind; (Interdimensional Physics)
Fred Alan Wolf; Schizophrenia; Parallel Universes
Mercury steam bubble and schizophrenia
Michio Kaku; Ehrenfest’s Paradox, Ramanujan, Modular Functions
Tore Alfstad; Space structures
Rafal Swiecki, Dimonds,hexakis octahedron,Schrodinger's cat
Dan Winter Sphinx Gate to 4D

Michio Kaku’s writings about Ramanujan from “Hyperspace”The number 24 appearing in string theory plus The Hexakis Octahedron (48 faces)


5-Dimensions (Ramanujun's lost notebooks)Hypospheroid,Solar System fractals,Ramanujan,The Hollow Earth,David Wilcock; (Parker Spiral, Spherical torusCentral Oscillator system). Logarithmic Spiral,Xah Lee (Seashel).Michio Kaku; Cumrum Vafa.Hawking; Richard Feynman. Walter Russel; hypocycloids.Dan Winter; Sphinx Gate to 4D. Iarga; time-matter, phase-matter and reflection-matter


Time Machine, by Tore Alfstad,plus some mathematical thinking


Tore Alfstad; Time machine

Otis CarrRamanujan

Dino Kraspedon

Nikola Tesla

Montauk project

A Droplet
Michio Kaku: gravitational interaction
David Wilcock; Sugano; Microcluster Physics, jellium model
Ray Tomes (ratio – 34560)
Fractal Universe
Kirby Urner Isotropic vector matrix

Cesium vapor, faster than light, Robert Grace
Dino Kraspedon UFO contact
Albert Einstein;
Stephen Hawking
Mark Bancroft, Fred Alan Wolf

11-PI= 3.14


Ideas of John Titor; a Time traveler from 2036 and David Wilcock the Incarnation of Edgar Cayce

Heart of Sun,
Ether structure, rhombic dodecahedra…
David Wilcock (The Parker Spiral, Central Oscillator System)
UFO -Dino Kraspedon – Opposite gravity system - Tide Water,
Walter Russell (ether whirlwind),
Dan Winter,
Mathworld; Lemniscate Jakob Bernoulli,
Xah Lee; Special plane curves,
Ian Stewart (Möbius, Klein),
Borromean Rings
Hubble (Stingray Nebula)
Hyper conchoids

Tore Alfstad; Time machineXAH LEE; AstroidSteven Dutch; Logarithmic Spiral Tilings Martin Gardner; torus Preston Nichols; Montauk Project, mind amplifier, Teleportation ChairHelmholtz discriminator module?

Hidden memories of abduction by a military- alien group that is endangering lives to find habitat for the elite on other star systems, starting on a possible parallel time space on Mars?

Geometric sequence in building of our dynamic Multiverse,


20-Rhombohedronpart 1

UFO,Christ,Iarga King of Love. Hypercube {Trunkadron}Josef Hasslberger, {the dual nature of light, Stefan Marinov}.Cern; Bubble-chamber event, Microsingularity.Hawking; holography.Admiral Byrd; Hollow Earth.Rhombic Spirallohedron. Time in a lemniscate electron shell.Tore Alfstad {Interdimensional Geography}.Dan Winter; Ted Small.David Wilcock, electron clouds.Spheres of ether; rhombic dodecahedra.Xah Lee; Cardoid.Stephen Hawking ;Cassimir Effect.Michio Kaku, Wormholes: Gateways To Another Universe? [N.U.T.] Ezra Newman, Theodore Unti, Louis TamburinoBlueprint for a Time Machine L. Savage; Reptoid DNARafal Swiecki; Diamond CrystalsWalter Russell, counter-rotating vortex formations.

Ether-Hyper background of Milky Way. Galactic equilibrium {truncated rhombic dodecahedron; Trunkadron}. Simple meaning of free dimensions. Walter Russell Hyper Spirals. Stefan Marinov; Vencislav Bujic; Josef Hasslberger. Math of creation. Iargan New Physic. Michio Kaku; Ramanujan.Topology of spheric torus & Klein. David Wilcock {Pulse of the Sun}. Sunlight pushes the Earth {Dino Kraspedon}. Seashell in Cosmic Background Michio Kaku {Hugh Everett} Super-Universe of Qumrum Vafa {Toric Lane} Supernova and John Titor’s Time Machine. Frank J. Tipler . "Egg." Hyperspace transportation system. Dan Winter {Sphinx; 4- dimensional gate}; Dynamics of Five cubic compound and five main Rays of the Sun. Challenge of understanding HYPOSPHEROID as background wave of cosmos and Iargan 3 forms of Matter.

Time, Phase Reflection matters {Iargan UFO Concepts}
Hypo-spheroid {Challenge of Understanding}.
Five Principals of Creation.
Formation of hyper realities of Space.
Solar System Fractal Geometry
Star of David and 3 Octahedron compound
Preston Nichols Delta T
Tore Alfstad; dimensions overview
Golden Rhombic Hendecahedron
Paradox of time in global expansion of Earth as a universal Fractal- duality of time wave itself
Damanhur Time Travel Temple
Behold a Pale Horse
Montauk Project.
OAHSPE; the Earth, the Sky, the Spirit.

Conchoid in mathematics and cosmos

Star of David is a 2-Dimensional expression of Creation which in 3-Dimensions is Octahedron 3 compound

Unusual account of conspiracy theories concerning human mouth and Brain.Vasken Aposhian; Dental Amalgam Mercury Protocol. Fungal infections, Candida.Fred Alan Wolf; Schizophrenia. AIDS origins opposed to scientific consensus.


25- Mercury-Candidiasis Poisoning By Vahe Pitchikian

Mercury Toxicity DMPS Chelation; injected into tissues for Hg.Dr.Joseph Mercola; Mercury. Poisoning from Vaccine.H. Vasken Aposhian; mercury amalgam issue.Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Microhydrin.Dr Fred Alan Wolf; PARALLEL UNIVERSES; schizophrenia.Incunabula CatalogDan Winter; SPHINX.James Stephens; EEG waves; telepathy.Olanzapine (Zyprexa)Conspiracy.Candidiasis.Aposhian: Mercury Amalgam.Microwave Detection,Remote Mind Control Technology

Battle Shaft Armageddon

Other files

Eden, Peta & Polarization

Old files

Battle Shift Armageddon
Vahe Pitchikian