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Battle-Shaft Armageddon

Christian Architects in Iran

Lord of Resurrection,
Is John the Baptist reincarnation of ElijahIs;
Is Ali of Islam of overself of Apostle Paul?
Parallel Realities.
Ruth Montgomery; Arthur Ford.
Inter dimensional Physics.Incunabula Press. Montauk Project
Ong’s Hat

According to my Father at this beginning I have to make an important note that the universal fractals in our reality instead of Radical minus one, they are based on RADICAL MINUS INFINITY, and my whole literature has to be edited 

New hypercube; Trunkadron. A new look at fractal universe; quadratic equations; complex numbers; Mandelbrot set. Explanation of creation as Intelligent Fractal Omniverse. Vacuum, Ether, formation of NOTHING caused by “Fall of Lucifer”. Matter before Big Bang. First logarithmic spirals, “fall” of ether spheres. Nick Herbert Ong’s Hat; Incunabula Press,{the Egg}.Sten F. Odenwald; Patterns in the Void; Maxwell, Descarte. Two cycles perpendicular, creation of space, deformation of nothing (Iarga). Tore Alfstad: {Time Machine; Disc like planets in ecliptic plane}. 3-Dimensional logarithmic spiral. 3-Dimensional Greek Cross Spiral, Montauk ProjectMichio Kaku: {Ehrenfest paradox, gravitational circular string, Hinton’s Hypercube}. Water Droplet, geometry for Gravity. Dino Kraspedon vs. Michelson Morley experiment. Bob Lazar, Tore Alfstad; gravitic propulsion. David Wilcock: {Spheres of Ether, Micro cluster Physics (Sugano), Walter Russell}. Cartwheel Galaxy, Venn diagram of five sets. Lobsang Rampa; The Hermit, vision of the third Big Bang. Martin Gardner; sphere packing of rhombic dodecahedron, hyperspheres. Hypotorroid, hyper conchoid. Xah Lee; conchoid, Seashell. David Hamel: {Isotope Lines of Time}, Hypotorroid. Dan Winter: {Sphinx Gate to 4D, cubic 5 compound}. Stephen Hawking; Brane new Worlds, Cosmic String. Nicky Molloy, Chronos technologies, protonic continuity.

What are 1.5 dimensions? Squeezable coordinate systems for navigating hyperspace. David Wilcock; Octahedron. Montauk; Delta T. Pythagoras tree, fractal trees, fractions of rhombic dodecahedra; Superstring background geometries;- Calabi-Yau manifold

Time Travel, Neon Plasma, Cesium vapor, Semi-spheric Searl effect Gyroscope

Time travel technology, Ronald Mallet, Tore Alfstad, Hyperspheres; where science and soul meet,Discovery of John SearlDelta T antenna and Tore Alfstads time machine work on a 3 dimensional Time -Space wave function,Neon plasma conduit

Parabolic Resonator

We have had several Big Bangs several locations and times, Neil Turok...

My first work on Time Travel, based on already existing Montauk Project Delta T antenna
Tetrahedral Earth energy patterns, sphere packing of rhombic dodecahedron, N.U.T. theory,Harmonic ratio of 34560 Maraldi's Angle, Conscious Ether and its Fractal Iterations, Descartes, Maxwell;Tetra space; Earth tetrahedron Maraldi’s anglePhysical approximation NOTHING, FROM PLANET IARGACounter rotating spirals & interlocking tori, ETHER

Dr Nassikas, time rate propulsion; John Titor, microsingularity; Nassim Haramein, The Schwarzschild Proton; Bob Lazar, gravity; Tore alfstad, time machine.

Hyper gyration (New Concept). Omniverse like Carrot. Equiangular spiral. A whole new way of looking at Einstein curved space. Hyper spatial background waves. Reality as intersection of three multi branch Klein bottles. Ying Yang plus Yeng for Consciousness, like the word Zen

Order of Creation First sparks on John Titor's Microsingularity, a spirallohedron of 6 hyperstrings from 6 parallel universes Tipler Cern Bubble chamber, electron, positron. Tore Alfstad; 7 Microids; 7 parallel universes. Spirallohedron.

Foundational Geometry of atomic orbitals; Ether packing of rhombic dodecahedra.Sphere packing of 4 sided pyramid.Hydrogen’s Holographic principle;Formation of first waves/elements in our Fractal Universe,Cathie Grid. Astroid, DeltoidEther background of our atomic orbitals,Relativity of Pi Wave contrast3-D Star of David, 6 Pyramids perpendicular.Octahedron 3-Compound, Crystals and nebulaeTetra SpaceSacred Geometry, salt and diamond crystalsHubble {Stairway to Heaven} Dr. Walter Russell's counter-rotating spiral vortexes; Foundational Geometry of atomic orbitals Ether packing of rhombic dodecahedra. Sphere packing of 4 sided pyramid. Hydrogen’s Holographic principle; Formation of first waves/elements in our Fractal Universe, Cathie Grid . Astroid, Deltoid Ether background of our atomic orbitals, Relativity of Pi Wave contrast 3-D Star of David, 6 Pyramids perpendicular. Octahedron 3-Compound, Crystals and nebulae Tetra Space Sacred Geometry, salt and diamond crystals Hubble {Stairway to Heaven} Walter Russel {spirals of creation} 

Tree of Life Time Machine; Tore Alfstad,3-D Helmholtz; Delta T antenna.Antigravity; Searl, David Hamel. Gyroscope; Wilhelm Reich; Orgone accumulator, Orgone blanket.

In order to get anywhere through hyperspace we have to go 48 directionsCathode-ray cells; Dino Kraspedon; G. D. MutchDelta T;Cassimir effect

This is my most recent File about Psychic communication with animals in an extremely cruel world 

Last, not the least


The Knowledge of good and evil starts with abuse and killing of animals to eat;
In a Vegan (or better yet fruitarian) society it is permissible for spiritual women to be naked in public

Battle Shaft Armageddon

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Battle Shift Armageddon

This Blog (book) is result of teachings of my Father from higher dimension, a case similar to conversation of Arthur Ford with Ruth Montgomery, in the book:

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